lotsa things have changed since my last update, I'm married now, well, sort of, I'm in a ltr with the kindest soul in the country.

now i gotta go, but i'll be back.

be seeing you.

Holy crap, I think I'm in...

So, there's this guy.

He likes me.

I like him.

I really think this could work.

Should I wait, so I can get to know him better before I get hurt (or worst, before I hurt another boy) one more time?

Damn... I bloddy hate when those things happen...
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I try to get up, but I can't, my legs don't work anymore, I'm trying to avoind the tears, but I'm fully aware that they'll come, sooner or later, making me look like a geek.

Last I remember was a red Opel Astra hittin' everybody in its sight, two women, an old man, some kind of bussiness man and me. I jumped, but, stupid me, I jumped to the car, instead of the sidewalk, dunno who was driving, dunno why it happened, dunno were the hell am I now. It doesn't look like a ER center, I'm sure that it hasn't passed many time since the accident (was it an accident?), I still have the wound I made when I was going dowstairs, i'm sure that I'm not here for more than one day. Wait, someone's here.

-"Mr. Marcus?"

-"I'm not..."

-"Shut up, Mr. Marcus, you're brought here for a reason"

-"Wha... wait... wait! I can explain"


I try to wake up, but I can't, my body doesn't work anymore, I'm trying to cry, but the tears won't come, I'm sure of it.

Last I remember was a man calling me "Mr. Marcus" saying something about me being there for a reason, pulling a gum from his trenchcoat and shooting at me repeteadly. Wait, someone's here.

-"Mr. Marcus?"

-"I'm not..."

-"Shup up please, this is a common graveyard, and some of us would like to rest in peace.

Aw, hell.

ey, i still think of you motherfuckers

Ok, today hasn't been a very special day, but since I woke up this morning I'm smiling.

And that's just because I had one of the best dreams I've had this pasts years.

As I opened my eyes and I saw my face in the mirror, I knew what was that smile for.

I dreamed of you Himi.

And of you, Gabi.

And of you too, Rishi, Vanni, Pepe and Anish.

I dreamed of my partners at Jiva Juice and a normal day turned a good day.

You give me good vibes, and that means a lot.

Thank you.

After all this time, I still think about you, can you believe it?
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This is the poster I made to advertise the exhibition of my good friend Kris.

And I am damn proud of it.

He thinks it ROCKS.

In the print they have told me that it's really good.

And the exhibitor is amazed.

Sounds good, right?

You agree?

Then how come I still think I could do it better?

Why the fuck I'm such a dickhead?!


Yesterday was my birthday, it was great, really.

But totally pointless.

Presents aside, of course.

Well, at least I look damn good on my new speedo..
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Now that I'm living in Valencia, not in a random town around Valencia, I've realised that I hang out less than ever...

Kind of creepy...

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